Sunday, 28 October 2012


It was hard for me to believe that life would give me a chance to visit Japan. 

When I arrived at the place of my destination, I left the airport and visited downtown Tokyo, overwhelmed at the extravagant use of gorgeous electronic billboards, which advertised everything from the renowned national heritage to the picturesque beauty of Mount Fuji.

I found myself almost overwhelmed by the immense number of people that I came across, spilling over the pavements everywhere, bustling and moving in a continuous stream, from nearby to distant areas of the city. 

I rapidly found out that not being able to speak or read Japanese was going to prove very inconvenient to my stay, as there were no street signs or notices around in Western character sets, however the sheer joy of finally being able to visit this spectacular culture, and the thrill of finally meeting my greatest heros and being able to spend some time with them here in their home culture, was more than enough compensation for any inconvenience, and this first impression was both confirmed and enhanced during the remainder of my experiences here.

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