Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Borrowed Money

People say, that borrowed money can ruin friendship. Actually, my husband says that, and I absolutely disagree with this statement. Once I was forced to borrow money, and this story had "happy ending." I am sure that money can't damage relationships, if you do everything sincerely.

I was attending my last year of college back in Moorhead State University; I was a young student, the age of 19 to be exact and I didn’t have enough money for college. I knew I couldn’t ask my mom because she was a single mother of four and could barely provide for us. My friends either already graduated and or were struggling to finds jobs; some didn’t have the amount I was asking for. My father was out of my life by choice, but I still stayed connected to his family. His side of the family are very well off, both uncles are Doctors. 
The thought of having to borrow money from others always puts me into an anxiety attack; it was one of my biggest fears. The feeling of being vulnerable and weak and at the mercy of some else’s hands is torturous for me. Plus, it wasn’t just a couple hundred of dollars, no it was $10,000. At that time of my life, I really wanted to finish school and it was silly to put my education on hold because lack of funds. I made the decision to ask my uncle if I could borrow the money.
I was trebling with fear, but I picked up the phone. Asked him if we could meet for lunch and I needed to ask him an important question. I pulled up to the Olive Garden and walked into the restaurant, I was the first one there. I sat down and waited, not for a long time. I saw my uncle walking in with a smile on his face. We chatted for a bit and half way through our meal he leaned back in his chair, and he said, “What was the important question you wanted to ask me.” My heart stopped and butterflies rushed into my stomach. I started to speak about it being my last year of college, I could feel myself starting to joke on my words, so I stopped for a few seconds and I finally just looked at him and straight told him that I was broke and wanted to finish school. He stopped me in my tracks and said, “No worries, of course I will lend you the money” with a smile on his face he quickly changed the subject and went on with our meal.
As soon as I finished college and I got a decent job and started to pay back my uncle, with monthly payments. He not once ever asked me about money or when I would pay him back. He trusted in me that I would or maybe he didn’t care. All I know is that I am grateful for what he did, and now looking back it makes me laugh on how scared I was to ask him. 

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