Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Waterproofing your Gadgets

When it comes to your gadgets lets face it we all have scratched, dropped them on the ground or even worst dropped your gadget into the water. Nowadays, we may no longer have to worry about those simple mishaps. The list below can help protect your gadgets from permanent damage.

  1. HzO- This is one company out of dozen, that can seal your electronic devices from water, moisture, or small particle debris. For all you people who regularly drop your phone in the water, you no longer have to worry; this coat will protect your electronic for a life time, leaving your hands sticky free, and your pockets full of savings. This item is perfect for all you bath takers out there.
  2. Phone Wallets- For all you ladies out there, whom love to be fashionable but also like to save your iPhone, iTouch or kindle from being scratched. Well at Nordstrom they have new casing for iPhones they are iPhone wallets to help protect your phone from any damages from within inside your purse like tweezers, bobby pins, nail files, etc.
  3. OtterBox Defender Case- this unique case will protect your phone from any destruction you can think of, its 3 layers will protect your phone from dropping it, dog biting or in some cases throwing it at the wall. Also includes a re-attachable clip for your belt. Perfect for any handyman and construction worker.
  4. K3 PowerSac Waterproof Bag & Case- this handy case are for people that don’t want to spend so much on accessories for their phones. At $18.33 at Wal-Mart you can protect your phone from water, dust, and static. It’s a simple solution in protecting your phone from the earth’s elements.
  5. Scosche ISAB Sport Case for iPod nano 6G- This little armband is great for those who have a daily workout routine and love to listen to music at the same time. The silicone material will help protect you from scratches. This tiny armband will help carry your iPod and protect it from natures harm. With the clear screen you will have ease access to your iPod; it also comes with a micro cloth to clean the screen. 

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