Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Our Black Lab

My husband and I love our Black Lab, his name is Jerry. We got him six years ago from the Oakland Human Society. My husband couldn’t resist this ridiculously hyper dog, he said, he was jumping and at the door begging my husband to take him home. My husband took him into a private room to play with him for a bit, next the rest was history. He fell in love with him and took him home.
We do so much for him. We treat Jerry as if he was our child. We buy only all natural dog food for him, even if it’s more expensive than the rest. We switch the flavors so he can have a variety. We like to make sure he gets all his vitamins, so we buy him dog vitamins for his health. Whenever we buy tiger shrimp for ourselves we always make sure that he has some as well, I mean who doesn’t give their dog tiger shrimp.

Speaking about health wise, we take him to the dog park every day for 2 hours. The dog park is not free either so we pay a monthly sum for that as well.  Jerry is a lab and he loves to run and he needs his exercise, so we don’t mind paying for the use of the park. Along with monthly expensive we also pay a monthly insurance on him through Banfield pet program. It helps us save money and make sure that Jerry is in tip top shape.
Jerry’s birthday is May 21. Every birthday we bring him to the park and we buy him a doggie cake that is made for whole foods. We also make him a hamburger without the bun and we sing happy birthday and show him love and affection. Also we buy him a gift toy or bone. I know it may seem a bit strange but he is our big boy he is apart of our family.
Another thing that I actually do, my husband gets a little annoyed about, is that I give Jerry a massage. He runs a lot and I don’t want to him to pull a muscle, so once per day I will massage his back and his legs and I will also make him stretch. He loves to stretch, I can actually tell him to, he will lye on his back and stretch both front and back legs its pretty crazy to see.
All in all we pretty much baby our dog and spoil him way to much. What can I say, “He’s apart of the family.”
What do you do for your pets? Share your experience!

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