Monday, 29 October 2012

What Not to Put on Your Resume

Photo- No photos, the companies you are apply to don’t want to see a picture of what you look like, unless you are applying for a modeling position. They want to see your skills on paper and how you would improve their company.
References- If you would have asked me 15 years ago about listing my references on my resume, I would say, of course you list them, however we are in 2012, and nowadays its known that the potential employer will ask for your references if need be. I would recommend leaving out the sentence “References upon request” it is not necessary these days.
Keep it relevant- When writing your resume remind yourself to keep it relevant and up to date as possible, don’t talk about the local fast food chain you worked for 5 years ago. Make sure you talk about your experience pertaining to the position you are apply too.
Personal info- The interviewer doesn’t need to know any personal information such as religion, government views, physical description, etc. Just stick to the basics like full name, email, address, contact number.
Lies- So many people lye on their resume. They think oh one or two sentences won’t hurt, wrong, it will. Your employer will make sure you live up to your resume and will ask you plenty of questions pertaining to the information you provide. They can smell a liar from a mile away. So don’t embellish on your resume, keep it real.
Bad grammar- This is extremely important. Do not rush on your resume, take the time to re-proofread your resume multiple times and have a friend look over it as well, better yet you can always use a service that checks for grammar mistakes. You want to make sure your resume is error free from any grammatical mistakes. If employer sees any mistakes they will think you are not professional and you do not pay attention to details. So always proofread your resume before sending it out.
Negatives- When writing about your past employers stay clear from any negative moments you may have had with that company. For an example you had an argument because your previous manager didn’t believe you, even though you were right in the end.  It’s just a good idea to leave that kind of stuff out. Also when writing about your weakness make sure it is a positive weakness.
Desired salary- Never put your desired salary, either they will see the amount you requested and reject your resume right away without interview, because they believe you are set on that particular price range. It is better to get your foot in the door for an interview, if you move further in the interview than ask about the salary, if they don’t ask you first.
Attention grabbing tactics- Don’t go crazy with your resume. Stick to normal font, size, and style. Please stick to white paper also, its classy, simple, and it won’t hurt the interviewer eyes. White paper keeps the focus on your words and not the appearance of your paper.

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