Friday, 26 October 2012

Mom's Blues

I have these days, when I don't know what to do with myself. Kids are at school, husband is at work, and I... I have mom's blues. I bet you have these times too. What to do if you have mom's blues?

Enjoy the time you have- Just because you are not happy that your kids are off to school soon, doesn’t mean you have to mope around the house all sad. Instead enjoy this last couple weeks with your children. Spend quality time with them.

Vacation- One more last vacation! It doesn’t have to be grand like a trip to California or to New York, you can simply take your children camping for the weekend where you can spend quality time roasting marshmallows and making smores.  Or if you live by the coast, an all day trip to the sea with a picnic basket full of food and a good game of mesh paddle ball would be great.

Day trip to the Spa- Give yourself something to look forward too, instead of focusing on the negative. You should make a spa appointment. Schedule it for the first day of school. You will have the rest of the summer looking forward to your spa treatment instead of focusing on the kids going back to school.

Go shopping- Hey your kids get new clothes for school, what about you? Treat yourself to a new fall wardrobe. It’s always fun to go shopping and it lifts your spirit, you start to feel good about yourself and it will make you want to go and show off your new clothes.

Call up your friends- Sometimes it is good to talk to someone who is feeling the same way. You can vent to your friends about your frustrations and emotions. Heck you can go out for the evening with them and catch up on your latest gossip over a cocktail. Its your time shine. Don’t let the kids get you down because you don’t want to them to leave. Take advantage of this time and have fun. 

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