Thursday, 4 April 2013

Little Finances

     I've already written how interesting the theme of children and money is (Young businessmen). And now, I would like to focus on it once more,
     Being a parent, I want my child to be wise in all the spheres of his life, including financial one. Concerning this very issue, though, I think that it is better to forget a little bit about money itself here and focus more on other aspects. By this I mean that it's better not to teach your child that money is good, since having it a child can afford many cool stuff, and, therefore, he or she should save money.
     To my mind, it is better to explain that money is the result of hard work and dedication. That's why, a kid should spend them wisely. Moreover, money is a some kind of future-protector which will allow later to get education and to develop personally. On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize that money can be the way of helping other people, by this I mean charity, and to explain that one day a kid can have loads of money which can cover all his/her family's needs and demands. And then, such a state of situation is a great opportunity to help others.

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