Monday, 8 April 2013

Hard Teeth Times

baby teeth
     When my first kid had his first teeth cutting, my husband and I had possibly the worst times ever. The case is we were quite a young married couple finding ourselves still on the middle of career ladder. Therefore, we had plenty much work to cope with to get sufficient salaries. It was hard to combine working and raising our son, when the nights were unsleepable ones due to the constant crying because of the aching teeth. Once, we had unreasonable quarrel, and my husband was its initiator. I couldn't keep calm and told him that it was better for him to treat his nerves. Two days we didn't speak to each other. It was really hard, but I was firm to prove that I was right.
     On the third day I was awaited by the greatest surprise I've ever had. When I came home, my husband gave me a nicely knitted sweater for the baby. When I asked him where he had got it, he said that he'd made it by himself. It appeared that he had chosen knitting as a way to treat his nerves. It was so cute, that I apologized him everything and since then we've never had any groundless argues.

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