Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tight Dressing

     Wide ties and middle ones are in again, as well as, self-colored, with classic prints (squints stripes) or with prints in retro style.

The style can be characterized as one of young Sean Connery, or dandies from 50's and 60's. Literally, all the ties are trendy except of tight ones. Patchworky ties will be extremely popular.
     Concerning wearing, the fashionable way now is considered to be the one when the waist is covered by a tie. Some fashion-passioners begin to wear ties put between the third and fourth buttons.
Moreover, modern patterns are regarded to be complex ones. In this even we can even observe zebra patterns.
     Bow tie are looked at as one rather fashionable item. Especially, if they are of some brigh colours.
An interesting fashion variant of this season, it seems to me, is a tie-cord. It looks really originally.
All in all, this season has a lot to offer which will be suitable for everybody's tastes and needs.
Patchworked tie


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