Tuesday, 9 April 2013

When is it on time?

    The decision to finally have children is probably the most important one in a person's life, and most likely, most personal one. I mean that everyone has hos or her own idea concerning this issue. When it comes to kids, a lot of other side problems are being raised, most of them are of financial character. For example, the salary is not high enough, as well as, the position held, there is not enough space in the app, and, finally, the responsibility to take is extremely great.     Consequently, there can be some arguments about the moment for bringing children to life. Usually, men take here more pragmatic point of view, while women are eager to have children much earlier. On the other hand, there can be a situation when a woman tends to deal with her career at first, and only then plunge into family life. Conflicts on this very ground may even lead to the family collision and divorce. And what make it worse, it is extremely hard to reach a consensus here.
     Personally I had a situation similar to the second variant, I wanted to get promotion and only then take maternity leave. My husband was against this, since he believed that I should have been the base of the household. We were on the edge, ad I decided to give up, but not to the full extent. I've become a freelancer who works at home. As a result I have some kind of career development, as my portfolio is quite impressive now and an opportunity to raise my newly born son up.

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