Tuesday, 2 April 2013

No Standards for Studying

Distance education
     With such a high rate of technology development in our modern world, I believe that it is almost impossible to object non-traditional ways of education. I mean the now, in the Internet it is absolutely normal to get various skills and knowledge corresponding to all the standards of conventional education. Therefore, I see no point in rejecting candidates who've passed some Internet-based courses. The crucial factor is the result, the final product he or she got at the end of their studying. This can be easily checked in the interview by means of several questions from the field she or he has studied in. Moreover, the probation period will wholly show his or her achievements.
      In light of the written above, it's obvious that I belong to the group of people who gladly accept everyone with prominent skills and knowledge background. I try not to pay attention to some formal aspects. Real exponents are of much greater importance. I won't be pleased much with the fact that an employee has graduated from the university, when he or she makes something wrong. On the contrary, with the good performance, an employee is precious for me no matter what qualifications he or she has.


  1. I've never taken Internet courses, but I wouldn't discount them. Sometimes it's hard to dedicate to full time schooling or studying, especially if you have kids.

  2. You know, I want to try some online course to extend my computing skills. I guess it will have a positive impact on my CV.