Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Stressful Homework

Recently, I have come by my friend and was really shocked by our education system. The causal relationship is quite strange, but can easily explained. The case is my friend, Sarah, has a son, Tim, he's 11 years old. The child is extremely active, full of energy and, basically, he knows what to do with it, but the crucial point is he doesn't have enough time for it. He adores soccer and has several favorite teams, he's actively supporting. His schedule though is wholly dedicated to his school and arranged due to the home assignments he possesses. Plenty of subjects from various fields of knowledge and numerous tasks of absolutely diverse natures. I have no idea of how so small children can cope with all that. It was such a horrible picture of his sitting at his desk in front of computer constantly learning and cramming some new materials.
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It seems to me that such a pattern of studying is not acceptable. The main point is that in this age children, their organisms, in particular are at the stage of constant development. If there are some defects or distractions at this moment, they can negatively influence on the health of kids.
First of all, children are in need of constant physical activities, otherwise, with the coarse of time, under constant sitting pressure, they become low-spirited and cheerless. I guess that everyone will agree that such an image is not appropriate one for small kids. Thus, it is enormously important that kids have free time for some physical activities.
Moreover, assignments should be developed in an interesting and exciting way, so that children won't slip above their books. The theoretical material is for sure rather necessary one, being a basis for further education, I believe some practical tasks should be involved at this level, as well, making the whole process of studying much more engaging.
Finally, I'm a strong supporter of an idea that parents should help their children to cope with all this hazards of the school life. Additional material of entertaining character, for example, different picturesque encyclopedias, document films, etc. Moreover, I'm absolutely sure that almost in every family there's at least one expert in math or biology, geometry or chemistry.
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If you can argue with this stating that members of your family do not belong to any listed above, then there is an option for such families, as well. I have googled a little bit and have found loads of sites which dedicated to this theme. The first vivid example of homework help online which I've found was It deals with various kinds of home assignments: physics assignments, biology homework, stastics assignments, etc.
I really believe that parents should take an active part in their children's school life, thoroughly arranging their schedules combining different types of activities.

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