Monday, 26 November 2012

The Most Interesting Rings Ever

To give and receive rings is a very ancient tradition. Modern designers have made it a little bit more creative. Today I offer you a selection of the most unusual and most creative designs of rings. What would you choose for yourself and for your second half?
heart ring

heart mark

marry me ring

Ring with a "hidden message." The message is hidden  on the inner side of the ring. Designer Jungyun Yoon.
ring bottle-opener

new way to open a bootle
Ring - a handy bottle opener. Stylish ring is made of stainless steel. It is convenient to carry and easy to use. Designer StuffJunction.
nest ring

tiny bird's nest
Ring in the shape of a bird's nest. Three luminous pearls are inside of the nest. Designer Cindy Roth.
"I love you" in Braille
"I love you" in Braille. Stylish ring that hides a secret message. Designer Eva Bruggman.
creative ring
Ring for loving couples Designer One Origin Jewelry.
unusual ring
Unusual diamond ring. Designer Greg Sims
Nuts & Bolts
Wedding rings. Designer Kiley Granberg.
I hope it was interesting for you and maybe you choose something for yourself. =)


  1. love it!

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