Monday, 12 November 2012

Dorm Room Necessities

My niece is freshman in college. She has just moved to the dorm. Her college campus has most things but not the things she needeed for the dorm room, and here is a list of essentials every college student needs.

1.     Bedding- This is definitely the first thing you should buy right away. You want to make sure your dorm room feels like home. What is better then your own bed sheets. You know you will be 100% comfortable and warm.
2.     Laundry Items- This is something that most students don’t think of, you are either too busy thinking about everything else like, clothes, food, and your laptop. However the first day in your dorm, what are you doing? Moving, right! So you will definitely have to wash your clothes. So don’t forget Tyde. 
3.     Water shoes for the shower!- Most student’s won’t tell you this, but the showers are shared, and a lot of students get warts in the shower from walking around bare foot, the reason I know this, is because my sister got some while using the showers bare foot. Be smart and bring water shoes.
4.     Things for storage- Dorms are not big, so you will need all the space you can get. I recommend baskets that will be able to fit under your bed; this will allow you more storage space.
5.     Extra lighting- Light can be very dim, so make sure you bring an extra lamp that can clip on the back of your headboard, for good studying and reading.
6.     An extra towel- You’re probably thinking, why an extra towel, well you have to wash your towel sometime, and maybe that one time you will need that extra towel. It definitely is a good idea to have one on hand just in case.
7.     Snacks- Most students’ lets face it are broke half the time. Keep in mind as well, there is no kitchen in your dorm room, so bring some non-refrigerated snacks like crackers, chips, and some candy.
8.     Toiletries- Yes, the bathroom is shared, and if there is an emergency, you don’t want to be stuck in the bathroom with no toilet paper. Not a fun situation.
9.     Fan- Living in a small dorm room with a roommate at the end of August can get really sticky, so make sure you bring a little fan you can clip on to your bed to cool you off.
10. Pens, Paper, and Pencils- Yes we are living in digital world these days, but you never know when you may need that pencil and paper, sometimes it quicker to jot a number down instead of looking for your iphone.

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