Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Practice What You Preach

I think most parents practice what they preach to a certain extent. Speaking for myself I am a very busy working mom of 3 rambunctious kids. I have a lot of patients but sometimes when it comes to tell my boys to stop yelling at each other. I catch myself yelling back at them. Its not my proud point in parenting but it happens. I understand why my kids yell back. But I still enforce no yelling and try to communicate with them on their level when I can.

Another example is, I tell my children to stop watching TV and go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Then later I find my self sitting on the couch once I get home from work and turn on the TV, while my kids want me to play outside with them. It breaks my heart to even write this but it’s true. 

It is definitely difficult to practice what you preach as a parent. I am busy thinking about my work that I left at the office, the kid’s school, the meal I will make for dinner, calling the in-laws, etc. I don’t have time to think at every moment if I myself am following all of our rules my husband and I put in place for our kids.

I think I need to take more time as a parent and pay more attention to my children. To lead by example is one of the most effective parenting we could do as parents.  It is not only better for our children, but as well as for us. Our children learn from us, so its best to lead by example. 

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