Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmas Spirit

Do not restrict yourself though only to the kitchen! What can bring more fun than decorating the house with the whole family together? I decided to pick up some interesting ideas for creating the Christmas atmosphere.

The first one is a golden pinecone which can be used as a separate item to put somewhere or as an ornament for a Christmas-tree. All you need is water, glue and golden spakles. And here we go!

The second idea is a little bit romantic one, but still rather simple. Again all the 'ingredients' are easy to find almost in every house. These are an epty wine bottle and candles (long ones look more elegant).

And I love the idea of transforming simple sofa-pillows into little presents which will not only create comfort but also delight the eye.

If you prefer minimalism in the interior design, then the next option should suit you perfectly well. The idea is to make small figures of Christmas trees and other things associated with the holiday from cardboard and cover it with white paint and silver sparkles. 

It's so easy to make your house be like a Christmas fairy-tail!

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