Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Traveling: Stunning Facts

Infographic traveling
     I have already written about traveling (Euro-Trip) and don't want to stop on what I've already begun. The process of traveling itself is extremely responsible one, but getting prepared can be even harder. Thus, to pack my baggage is a task of extreme hardness for me. =)
     But when 'm on the plane, or any other means of transportation, i feel calm and secure and can totally plunge into the joyful atmosphere of a trip. It seems to me that people adore traveling because exactly this very reason.
Air travel

     Recently, I've heard an interesting fact that in the US, there are about 61 m people on planes in the air at any given moment. Can you imagine this? Personally for me it was hard to believe in! And do you know that our country possesses nearly the third part of all the planes in the world.
     App. 90 m of Americans used their access to the Internet for the sake of planning their trips. The title of the most visited country belongs to France. And in 1930 a woman who wanted to become a flight attendant had to weigh 115 pounds or less.
    Genting Highlands Resort in Pahang Darul Makmur is the biggest hotel in the world with its 6 000 rooms on offer. However, it is Las Vegas to to boast of the highest total number of hotel rooms. In Scotland you have an opportunity to buy the plane ticket for the shortest air trip lasting for 2 minutes.
Genting Highlands Resort

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