Tuesday, 9 July 2013

IKEA: inspired by the 20th century

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 IKEA has launched its new collection being inspired by the golden age of the previous century. It has presented classic design objects continuing to amaze clients with its trendy ideas. The new collection is like a guide who make you acquainted with all the tendencies from the 20th century. 

     The wooden furniture is absolutely devoid of any personal traits. Simple shapes allow to emphasize the stream of traditionalism and cultural traits.
     Cabinet is said to be the central object of the whole line. it possesses all the functional traits, but is painted with outstandingly bright color. Such technique is characteristic of Danish Modern School. Such items can be seen starting from the 20's of the 20th century. The absence of table legs shows some layering of the later period of functionalism.
IKEA cabinet
     Another interesting point in the new collection is a case with glass shelves. It makes the impression of something light consisting mainly of glass. On the other hand, there is a controversial part. We see that the base of an object is quite 'monumental', like the one in classic cabinets from the late Ar-deco and the Avant garde, while the construction itself is 'windy', like light bright framing from the very late Post-Modernism. Interesting experiment, indeed.
IKEA chair
     Too traditional to be modern and too modern to be traditional. The form of this armchair is alike with the ones from the late the Avant garde and classic English arm chair from the middle of 18th century.
     In the whole collection we can see trying to find something personal on the grounds of popular culture through thorough analysis of cultural development of the interior design industry. In the meanwhile, it's like an attempt to show that the ability to lead experiments is still active in such a great manufacturer as IKEA. I guess that all the ways of decoration will be suitable for all art lovers.

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