Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Admissions Essay Adventures

The last year was rather tough one because of my niece's entering university. It was my brother's dream to make her a student. From her very birth, he was sure that she would know what it means to be at college. I was extremely surprised though that this task is not so easy to fulfill. So many requirements, standards and norms should have been taken into consideration so that she could be accepted. The case is I have rather tender relations wit my brother, thus, my niece, Nelly, is like a daughter for me. That's why, the whole admission process stood me loads of nerves.
admissions essay
We stuck up with the college application essay. Everyone had their own opinions concerning what should be mentioned in it, what should be emphasized and what should be eliminated. Finally, we had come to some kind of conclusions letting Nellie make her own decisions just trying to help her somehow, showing her more and more positive traits of her own which could help her stand out. What was our surprise when we found out that admission essay is not about pure expressing thoughts and arranging them into coherent constructions. Norms and standards were those horrifying words which prevented us from a quick end. Moreover, there were hazards even with proof-reading, since there was too much information and we didn't know what to exclude. The time was passing by and deadlines were appearing on the horizon. Nellie was desperate and even n the edge of depression.
The help came from quite an unexpected side. I came across it in the Internet, finally making the whole family believe that it is not only the way of entertainment. To put a long story short, it was an online service dealing with admission essay writing Admission-Essays.org. They offered us help with our admission essay in form of editing and proof-reading, which was perfect for us.
The most interesting point is that it wasn't about some bad performance. Nellie is a smart girl and she was really good at all the high school subjects. Even math wasn't an obstacle for her, taking into consideration the fact that all the members of our family are, to put it mildly, not experts in this field.
There were no problems with the requirement concerning social activities, since she is an active participant of the high school students body, a member of a so-coal High School Students Body responsible for the students rights to be protected and for the improvement of the studying conditions. The fact that she's an eager dancer who performs with the dance group at almost each school event was also a favorable one. Now writing all this, I can't even imagine that an Admission Committee could have had any doubts about Nellie's candidature. But still we had to take pains to achieve goals determined.
admissions essay
All is well that ends well. Nellie is now studying at college being absolutely happy. We have a fun tradition of taxing each other via e-mails. And every weekend I get nice letters from her accompanied with great pics. I'm so glad that everything has worked out.

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