Thursday, 6 June 2013


     What is regarded as the main pusher of the market development. The answer is quite easy, and it is advertising. Loads of money are spent on it, loads of creative ideas and long hours are dedicated to this.
     In Latin the verb 'ad vertere' meant to turn the mind towards. Here lies the basic content of the world. The main goal of advertising is the control or manipulation of the audience. The purposes can be quite divergent, the main though are marketing, political and ideological.
     Thomas J. Barratt is said to be the founder of modern advertising, as he was the first to use slogans and pictures, working for the Pears Soap Company.
     Interesting feature of 20th century's advertising was that its target audience was women, who were commonly responsible for shopping.
     The further development of advertising is connected with the development of telecommunication: radio,TV, Internet.
It can be quite surprising, but advertising existed in times of Ancient Egypt in form of sales messages and wall papers on papyrus. Ancient Greece and Rome are not exception. Since in the Middle Ages there were many illiterate people who were unable to read, various signs became popular, such as a boot, scissors, horse shoe, etc. Newspaper advertising appeared in England in the newspapers.

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