Thursday, 16 May 2013

Working Mommies

Mom at Work
I had a career-oriented mom who was focused on the development of her business. She was a co-owner of a small company which was dealing with delivery service. Actually, she had to cope with plenty of tasks of quite diverse nature. On the other hand, she never forgot about family, we, her kids, always were thoroughly kept and the whole family had enough of attention, including delicious dinners and suppers.
And this is the point I've learned from her: how to combine family and business. She had a strict routine with a definite timetable which she always stuck to. I believe that without such state of things she wouldn't manage to succeed.
Concerning workdays, she woke up rather early serving breakfast for us and father, as well as, lunch bags for everybody, and preparing clothes for father and herself, of course. The whole day she was out. I like the idea of how my parents arranged their life. All the day-to-day routine (washing up, dusting etc.) belonged to his responsibility. In this way, mom had an opportunity to have some rest in the evening and dedicate some time to us.
Weekends were organized, as well. It was for sure that we had some events to attend. The bout of cleaning was held then. When we, children, were small, these two days were spent by the whole family together, almost without no exceptions.

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