Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Art Guide

Recently, the tendency to visit galerries and exibitions have turned out to be extremely popular. But few people know how to grade all the masterpieces in the right way. Of course, some of them have a 'natural art talent', but what to do if you belong to the opposite category. There are quite a lot of rules dedicated to this issue.

First of all, threr is no point in evaluating what is depicted on the picture. it is extremely stupid to claim: "I don't like the picture, as I am more about sea than forest", when the picture illustrates  a nice gathering of trees.
Moreover, it is extremely inappropriate to dwell upon the accurateness of the artist. As he creates things on the canvas things in the way he/she perceives it.
I guess if you were an artist you wouldn't want someone to appreciate your piece of art in such a way: "Hm.. It suits perfectly well to my sofa!"

The crucial point is though general: be a good man with a warm heart. And understand that all the pictures are results of hard and dedicated work.


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