Monday, 15 July 2013

Not just about to Sell

     Recently, various market researches have revealed that such huge brand names as Nike, IBM and Dove are interested more in what an impact they have on the consumers and on the society as a whole than in how much items have been sold. There are several reasons for such a tendency.
     In the early 90's the general market of consumer brands experienced a global overturn, as even such giants as Marlboro, Coca-Cola had to compete with companies with more moderate price policies. There appeared the notion of brand-blindness, when people where eager a supporting their families, rather than their favorite brands. 
     Then the brands of Nike, Starbucks and Reebook entered the stage. They were depicting philosophy of those times showing their own identity. The vivid example here is Nike, the motto of which was expressed by one of the members of the Board of Directors, Phil Knight, who'd claimed that the aim of Nike was not to sell trainers, but to make the people's lives rich in sport activities.
     Starbucks was trying to express that any cup of coffee can be of great importance for you, thus your name on this very cup of coffee is rather important, as well as, the warm atmosphere in every cafe.
     Another point of great importance for huge companies is their social activity. The case is that more than 50% of consumers are ready to express their gratitude for those companies which are socially aware and ecologically friendly.
     The case is your company won't be of interest for anybody till it is only about selling goods and services. It should include some social, political or cultural aspects in order to be in demand.

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