Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Freelance Paradise

     For more than four years, I'm officially working-at-home mom. The case is that when I turned out to be pregnant I had quite responsible position in my office and had plenty of work there. And the company couldn't offer me anything easier, since they were experiencing shortage of employees and all the candidates then were inappropriate ones. To put it shortly, I quieted. However, I can't say that my husband then was on the top of career ladder, thus, to normally arrange our financial issues, I couldn't give up working at all. Here's the way of my becoming a freelance writer. I've chosen this mode of work, since it provided an opportunity to stay at home, work whenever I want according to my health condition.   
Moreover, I was always fond of writing and I decided to develop myself in this very field. After baby's birth, I was still working, since I have plenty of time at home when he was asleep. It's not much harder to bring up children being a freelance mommy. Taking into account the fact that I consider my work as a hobby. And it is great. I'm so happy that I made such a decision then. I can dedicate so much time for my family. As a break at work, I can serve a delicious dinner, as a pause, I can play with kids. What can be better for a mom?

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