Sunday, 6 January 2013

Efficient Eating

     Nowadays, loads of money are spent on food. Delicacies are regarded to be so-called markers of prominent position in the society. Therefore, it’s a good point to consider if you plan to save a substantial part of your income.

      First of all, it is very advisable not to buy ready-made food or semi-finished products. Usually they cost a lot and cannot boast of a good quality. It’s much better to cook something by yourself from the products you’re familiar with. In this way, you also have an opportunity to have more balanced and healthy food, as you can control the whole process of preparation. 

     If you decrease the amount of meat consumed, not only you’ll save up, but also become slimmer, since it’s been proven that fruits and vegetables help to stay fit.
A good idea for saving money on food is to buy everything in big amounts, that is, by wholesale. In this way, you’ll spend less time in supermarkets, where the risk to buy something tasty and rich in calories is extremely high. 

      It’s worth mentioning as well that buying some domestic products you will support your native producers and domestic economy, spend less money on it, as such good are usually cheaper. Moreover, from the products which are grown in the climate you live in, you receive more vitamins. So, it’s rather beneficial.
Eat efficiently! =)


  1. this is a worth article...It is needed to aware of how to manage cost and waste from food products in our everyday life...
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  3. Great post on efficient eating. If you garden, save your kitchen "waste" (except for meat and dairy) and make a compost bin. That way you'll have free fertilizer and less waste!

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